Our Services

We provide technical and gaming solutions.

24/7 Support Specialists

A 24/7 dedicated team for you that answers all emails, questions and related to the job given. Be it technical or gaming, our core team has got you covered!

Server support

Ensure stability and performance on all your server structures. Be it a physical or virtual system, our Windows System administrators are ready to assist you and keep your servers up-to-date.

Backups support

Making changes or updates without backing up your data safely and securely can expose you to money loss if something bad happens. This is why we offer backup support - ease of mind.

Technical consulting

Our CEO himself is a technical savvy, specialised in software and hardware. He understands that you need some experience consulting before starting a technical, or whatever project.

Advanced Monitoring

We can monitor your whole environment - from your servers up to who opened up your refrigerator - using the most efficient monitoring solution on the market.

Ticketing system

We understand the frustration when you cant find an email sometimes. It can sure get messy if you do have several...hundred...thousand emails. Thats why we use a ticketing system.

 How it began

How it began

Exel IT was influenced by another company, which was very successful in form of having specialists and quick service, but was lacking communication with their clients and experienced management. We learn from the mistakes and experience of others, that is why we provide you the best possible experience, learning every day and giving it to you.

"We are driven to grow and succeed forward."